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Red Lodge Transition Services is the only Native American led nonprofit organization located in Clackamas County, OR. After almost ten years of grass roots effort The Red Lodge Transition Center for Women was purchased on January 27th, 2017 with a Community Development Block Grant, Clackamas County Community Development loan and a sizable down payment. The down payment took several years of Red Lodge fundraising efforts! On August 1st, 2017 the house manager moved in, and our first client came to us from NARA Residential Treatment Facility in September. Red Lodge is truly a community driven project, with volunteers being the heartbeat of the organization. Approximately 4,000 hours of volunteer time was passionately donated. The community stepped forward and turned this 1975 neglected house and property into a beautiful, comfortable living space for up to 6 women and one on-sight house manager. The transition center is providing culturally-focused, gender-responsive programming, substance abuse aftercare, and case management (housing, employment, mentoring, money management), for Native and non-Native women returning to Clackamas County from treatment centers, jails and prison. Our holistic model supports wholesome values, and responsible earth practices.

Upon completing treatment programs, or releasing from jails and prisons, women are frequently faced with the challenge of securing employment, establishing new relationships, re-uniting with children and finding affordable, safe, clean and sober housing… and many have no idea how they will get this all done! Without physical custody of children, women rarely qualify for homeless shelters, subsidized housing, or domestic violence programs; these women are truly vulnerable.

The Red Lodge Transition Center for Women is located just outside the city limits of Oregon City, OR. It will serve up to 6 women in recovery for 3 to 6 months, as they return to community from treatment programs, jails and prisons. We are truly blessed and humbled to have such a diverse community partnership and support system! The front view of the house transforms itself in to a winter Wetlands beginning with the rainy season in October. An abundance of blue heron, deer, rabbits, coyotes and other wildlife create a 360 degree visual of country living for us. We teach organic gardening, non-toxic cleaning alternatives, recycling and reusing practices to all women entering the Red Lodge. Our 12 week program consists of the following:

  • Self Awareness and Self Esteem
  • Identity and Values
  • Survival Skills (How to Ride the Bus, How to Fill Out a Job Application)
  • Financial Management
  • Becoming Trauma Informed
  • Reducing Anxiety through Breathing and Self Actualization
  • Healthy Relationships (Domestic Violence)
  • Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder
  • How to Set Boundaries (How to Stay Safe)
  • Goal Setting and Journaling
  • Women’s Wellness
  • Cooking Healthy Meals

Red Lodge is a very small, unique program for women committed to living a clean and sober lifestyle. Red Lodge has been assisting individuals with case management and re-entry efforts since receiving nonprofit status in May 2017. Because of its size, Red Lodge is not able to compete for the same funding dollars that support larger re-entry programs. Our primary sources of funding come from foundation grants, private grants and individual donations.

Friends of Red Lodge business was established in 2012. It has proven to be instrumental in helping us work toward sustainability. Incarcerated artists sign over the copyright to their art to Red Lodge, and donate their art to the organization. Community artists who have a history of incarceration, or a loved one who has experienced incarceration, are sometimes featured in our annual Friends of Red Lodge calendar. Sometimes we are given permission by a community artist, to print a limited edition card of the image, and sometimes the original art piece is donated. The art tells a story and it has many purposes. Red Lodge owns over 350 pieces of art work! During 2018, Red Lodge will feature an original art piece for sale each month!

The art allows us to:

  • Share Our Story of Restorative Justice
  • Perform Community Out-Reach
  • Talk About the Barriers to Re-entry
  • Publicly Display Beautiful Works of Art from Prison Artists
  • Share Native American Culture Through Art
  • Support the Red Lodge Transition Center for Women


100% profit from Friends of Red Lodge sales are used to support the Red Lodge Transition Center for Women and our annual Native American event at the women’s prison. We thank you for your support!
Trish Jordan, Executive Director

When We Strengthen Our Women, We Strengthen Our Communities!

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Red Lodge Transition Services is a Native American led, nonprofit organization. We provide a range of prison programs, case management services, support and housing, designed to prevent substance abuse, reduce recidivism and break the intergenerational cycle of incarceration within our communities.

Since 2006, our prison programming and community services have directly impacted over 1,200 individuals. However, the Native community has identified a substantial and unmet need: a safe, culturally based, gender responsive re-entry center for women seeking to rebuild their lives following release from treatments centers, jails or prison. Red Lodge Transition Center for Women is our answer to the problem of female recidivism among a disparate, vulnerable population.

Red Lodge Transition Center for Women will meet this great need and provide a culturally responsive transitional environment for homeless Native American women and those who embrace traditional Native American teachings. Red Lodge clients meet poverty guidelines, with limited resources available to them.

Red Lodge Transition Center for Women would impact approximately 20 people a year directly, and another estimated 100 family members including children, parents and other relatives. This solution also will save Oregon taxpayers an estimated $1.8 to $2 million annually by preventing recidivism, providing low-cost case management and presenting a culturally relevant, realistic path to exiting poverty and rebuilding lives.

Red Lodge Tranistion Services
Red Lodge Tranistion Services

Red Lodge Newsletter

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