“Welcome to Friends of Red Lodge Northwest Coastal Art Series.  These cards represent a way of life for the Northwest Coastal Tribes who traditionally live, hunt and fish along the Coast of the Pacific Northwest.   The back of each card includes information about the art and the significance of the image from a Native American view”.

Friends of Red Lodge Northwest Coastal Series
#167 Coastal Love Birds-S

Title:  #167 | “Coastal Love Birds”

Northwest Coastal Art is a unique form of traditional art practiced by many coastal tribes in Oregon, Washington and Canada.  The different markings on these birds represent the male and female…

#277 Coastal Longhouse-S

Title: #277 |  “Coastal Longhouse”

The Coastal Indians in the Pacific Northwest built longhouses. Theirs were built with logs or split-log frame, and covered with split log planks, and sometimes an additional…

#233 Coastal Raven-S

Title:  #233 | “Coastal Raven”

Raven is revered as a strong mystical, magical animal spirit among many tribes, especially tribes within the Pacific Northwest, Alaska and Canada.  Raven is known to be a guardian…

#297 Raven Steals The Sun-S

Title:  #297 | “Raven Steals the Sun”

The Raven is a mystical creature known by many tribes as a magician, as well as a story teller. “A great magician stole the sun, the moon, and the stars,…

#321 Hummingbird Medicine-S

Title:  #321 | “Hummingbird Medicine”

Hummingbirds awaken us to the beauty of the present moment. As they dance the four directions, they awaken us to the…

#298 Clear Cut-S

Title:  #298 | “Clear Cut”

A mountain lion is walking through a forest whose trees have been clearcut by man.  The spirits of the surrounding mountains and woods…

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