“Welcome to Friends of Red Lodge Native People Series One. The back of each card includes information about the art and the significance of the image from a Native American view”.


Native People 1 Backs
#210 Our Future-Sm

Title:  #210 | “Our Future”

Our children are out future.  All children are considered a sacred gift from the Creator.  Children are always included in Native cultural events, and many are included in ceremonial practices…

#194 Red Bird-Sm

Title:  #194 | “Red Bird”

Red Bird is a Southern Cheyenne Chief.  The artist chose to reproduce one of Edward S. Curtis’ most famous photographs.  Edward S. Curtis’ goal was not just to photograph, but to document, as much American Indian (Native American) traditional life as possible before that way of life disappeared…

#150 Native America-Sm

Title:  #150 | “Native America”

This contemporary Native American portrait is full of artistic symbolism.  The red ropes underlining this piece of art work, are part of the artist’s signature…

#64 Sitting Bull-Sm

Title:  #64 | “Sitting Bull”

Tatanka-Iyotanka (1831-1890). Sitting Bull, Lakota Medicine Man and Chief was considered the last Sioux to surrender to the U.S. Government.  He was an excellent statesman and many of his speeches and words of wisdom were recorded for historical purposes…

#199 All Her Glory-Sm

Title:  #199 | “All Her Glory”

“The inspiration for this piece was my grandchild who I have not seen…. but knowing and being all that came together to create her, it is what I know she will be…

#25 Kicking Bear-Sm

Title:  #25 | “Kicking Bear”

Kicking Bear fought in the Battle of the Little Big Horn on June 25th, 1876.  The artist states he drew the chief after watching the documentary Battle of the Little Big Horn, several times…

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