Friends of Red Lodge is a sustainability project designed to support the Red Lodge Transition Center for Women located in Clackamas County. 100% of all membership purchases and donations go toward empowering indigent women who want to make a better life for themselves, their families and their children.

What Does Your Friends of Red Lodge Membership Provide?

  • Safe, Clean and Sober Transition Housing for Indigent Women
  • Case Management Custom Tailored to the Individual
  • Gender Responsive and Culturally Specific Programming
  • After Care for Women Struggling with Substance Abuse
  • Trauma Informed Staff and Tools to Help Heal the Wounded Spirit
  • Job Coaching and Job Searching Assistance
  • Life Skills, Mirroring, Dialectical and Cognitive Re-Training
  • Certified Peer Mentoring Counseling
  • Referrals to a Variety of Community Partnership Resources
  • Parenting Instruction
  • Child Reunification – Weekends Only
  • Reduce, Reuse and Recycle Environmental Practices
  • Community Support Rather than Isolation

For every dollar spent on programming, a cost savings of up to $14 is realized. Friends of Red Lodge allows you to become part of a unique grass roots movement supporting life saving change.

What You Get for Your Donation

  • Annual Friends of Red Lodge Calendar
  • Evites to All Upcoming Events
  • Two Newsletters Per Year
  • Donation Letter for Tax Purposes
  • 10% off All Friends of Red Lodge Art Work
  • “I Helped Raise the Red Lodge Sticker”

Membership Options:

  • Friends of Red Lodge Membership – $100 Annually
  • Friends of Red Lodge Membership – $9 Monthly
  • Business Eagle – $300 Annually
  • Senior or Student Discount – $50 Annually
  • Senior or Student Discount – $5 Monthly

What Else Can You do to Help?

  • Explore Volunteer Opportunities
  • Become Work Crew to Raise the Red Lodge
  • In-Kind Donations
  • Promote Red Lodge with a presentation to your civic group

Trish Jordan, Executive Director
Red Lodge Transition Services
P.O. Box 55157
Portland, OR 97238

Red Lodge Tranistion Services
Red Lodge Tranistion Services

Red Lodge Newsletter

Red Lodge Transition Newsletter