Kaila Farrell Smith

Ka’ila Farrell-Smith

Ka’ila Farrell-Smith is a contemporary Klamath/Modoc visual artist based in Portland, Oregon. She works as an art teacher, visiting artist and is Co-director for Signal Fire Artist + Creative Agitator residency program. Her work has been exhibited at at the Institute for New Connotative Action, King Street Station, Linda Hodges Gallery, Archer Gallery, Vancouver City Hall, Museum of Northwest Art, Washington History Museum, Tacoma Art Museum, WA; Missoula Art Museum, MT and Medici Fortress, Cortona, Italy; and in Portland, OR at MK Gallery, Blackfish Gallery, and ROCKSBOX Contemporary Art Gallery. Farrell-Smith’s work is in the permanent collection of the Portland Art Museum and won ‘Best in Show’ 2014 at ‘In The Spirit: Contemporary Native Art’ exhibition at the Washington History Museum. Ka’ila has recently been selected for Caldera Artist-in-Residence, Djerassi Residency Artist Program, IAIA Artist-in-Residence and Ucross Foundation Residency Program. Ka’ila Farrell-Smith received a BFA from Pacific Northwest College of Art and an MFA in Contemporary Art Practices Studio from Portland State University.

Please visit Kaila’s website www.kailafarrellsmith.com

Adrian Larvie

Adrian Larvie

Adrian Larvie wants to find a way, through his art, to serve as a guide for people in despair, to inspire those who wish to work on their personal challenges by leading them back to their culture. He hopes to help those still in their addictions to see, as he has, that there are other, much happier paths to travel.

An Oglala Lakota, Adrian was born in 1958 on the Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota. He received his Associate in Fine Arts degree from the Institute of Indian Arts in Santa Fe, New Mexico; at the College of Santa Fe, he studied with Van Paquin, a respected Zuni artist.

Adrian is a multi-faceted artist who works with acrylics, oils and pastels on large canvases that are notable for fine matting and framing. He also creates sculptures, featuring Native American themes in soapstone, pipestone, and alabaster. One of his murals, a portrait of four Yakama chiefs, can be found on the south side of a building in Toppenish, Washington. Other works include drum paintings and fetishes.

Please visit Adrian Larvies website www.nomadic-lakota.tripod.com

Susana Santos

Apolonia Susana Santos 

Artist, Activist, Art and Cultural Liaison, Indigenous Warrior.

Susana’s paintings and serigraphs often contain the dramatic and diverse landscape and sky of the High Desert. Snowstorms and the elements of wind, water, Sun and Moon appear with vigor. Her artistic interpretation of Salmon, Coyote and Big Horn Sheep express how strongly she was connected to her homelands. Interpretation of Native Women and Men in Traditional dress always has a contemporary flair. Her desire to preserve Indigenous ways and memory is apparent in her artwork and her activism.

Apolonia Susana leaves a large family and hundreds of friends who loved and respected her. Her generosity of heart and spirit touched everyone she met. As artist, activist, community leader and loving friend, she wove these parts of herself into a remarkable woman who always thought of her People and family first.

Please visit Apolonia Susana Santos website www.apoloniasusanasantos.com/

Mark Shelton

Mark Shelton

Mark Shelton can’t remember a time when he wasn’t creating art and he continues to make it his life long passion. He’s a modern-contemporary Native-American artist who was born and raised in Moline, Illinois. After moving to Oregon in 1984 he became interested in both Fine and Graphic Art. He earned his AAS Degree from Portland Community College, his BFA with honors from Pratt Institute in New York City and has been certified as the honorary Chinook Tribal Artist.

Mark is currently involved in three series of paintings. The first includes portraits of historically significant Indian Chiefs and prominent tribal members and the second series includes large scale landscapes that vary in sizes up to 60″x48″. The third series focuses on larger Native figures dominating the scene. All of the series are a result of a ten year study in colour, texture and emotional force. The paintings consist of boldly applied acrylics on canvas in conjunction with collaged papers from around the world.

Please visit Mark’s website www.markdshelton.com

Pat Sky aka Feather Star Woman - Peoria Tribe of Indians of Oklahoma
1953 -2006

Pat's family donate her art on behalf of Friends of Red Lodge

Toma Villa

Toma Villa

Toma Villa, a registered member of the Yakama Nation

Toma’s portfolio of work includes murals, including those at Chief Joseph School in Portland and at Chief Kitsap Academy in Suquamish, Washington. He has experience in graffiti art, printmaking, painting, airbrush, sculpture and design. Along with artist Lillian Pitt, Toma works with school children in in the Columbia River Gorge teaching art, Tribal culture, the history of the Celilo Falls, and salmon fishing.

Please visit Toma's website myspace.com/tomavilla632

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